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Volumen 5 Páginas 1328 a 1329 Declaración de June Olwyn Wright 2007.05.16

Witness Statement

June Olwyn Wright

Date: 2007-05-16

Occupation: Business woman

Place of Work: ‘Duque de Holanda’ Bar

She comes to the process as a witness. She has lived in P da L for 25 years. 
She is the owner mentioned above, which she manages with her husband. This establishment is 200 metres away from the apartment block from which Madeleine disappeared.

She has known Robert Murat for several years. She only knows by sight and from greetings exchanged when she has occasionally seen him in the street. She does not have any kind of friendship with him.

She does not know where he lives. She only heard about his house from the news which named him as a suspect in the disappearance of the girl mentioned above.

On the night of the disappearance, 3rd May, she was working in her bar when some employee who she cannot identify (but whom she knows works for Mark Warner) informed them that a girl had disappeared from the OC. The time would have been about 22.15.

That almost half an hour afterwards, the witness joined various other people who were searching for the girl. At about 23.00 she went to the OC reception which is open for 24 hours, situated on Rua Direita, P da L. The she went to the reception next to the Tapas restaurant, where she arrived 10 minutes later. She was in the area for some time, namely near to the apartment Madeleine disappeared from. She says she passed by that spot several times as she made various rounds of the area.

Later she extended her search to the perimeter of P da L but frequently returned to the Tapas Restaurant reception to find out whether there was any news.

She stopped searching for the girl at about 05.00. During the night she did not see Robert Murat. She says she had not seen him for several months, until during the past week (a few days after the disappearance) she saw him once or twice with reporters who were sitting outside the apartment Madeleine disappeared from.

This is the only time she saw him inside the OC zone.

She describes him as a pleasant and easy going individual. She thinks he was a perfectly normal individual.

She says no more. Reads, ratifies and signs with the interpreter.

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