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Volumen 4 Páginas 1108 a 1110 – Mensaje recibido de IP Madrid sobre un posible avistamiento en Trujillo 2007.05.11

olicia Judiciaria

National Interpol Cabinet

Urgent Fax

Date: 11-05-2007

To. The Coordinator of the Criminal Investigation, DIC Portimao

Ref: NUIPC 201/07.GALGS

Subject: Madeleine Beth McCann


In addition to m my message dated 10-05-2007 (16.56), I am sending a copy of the message received from IP Madrid.

With compliments

Head of GNI

Ana Mafalda Duarte

Email from GNI Geral

Sent: 11th May 2007, 11.07

To: Nea DCCI

Subject: FW: 3450, BGM/40324/McCann

From: OCN Interpol Spain

To: Interpol Lisbon

Our ref: EEG 3450, BGM/40324/McCann

Your ref: 1806/2007 MIN


Following our conversation yesterday about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann photographs received yesterday by OCN, I am sending a report with more information obtained about the person and the girl who were seen in Trujillo.


Information Note

With regard to the disappearance of the English girl Madeleine Beth McCann, which occurred on 03-05-2007 in Lagos (Portugal), the following information was provided:

Yesterday this Missing Persons Group heard that the Spanish citizen, Francisco Tenllado and his wife believe they recognised the girl as being the person who accompanied a male on Sunday the 6th May in Trujillo, which is why this group telephoned the witness who said that, in effect, between 20.00 and 21.30 approximately, on that date he and his wife were in Trujillo (Cáceres) for tourist reasons (they live in Madrid) and that in the Plaza Mayor (main square) they saw a man aged 45 to 50, 1.75 in height, slim, with short brown streaked hair and an earring in one of his ears, wearing dark green jeans, a black shirt, a denim jacket and carrying a rucksack, who was leading a small girl by her hand, the girl was blond, with large eyes and was wearing jeans and a light coloured long sleeved shirt and they had the impression that her nappy was soiled, she had an “uncared for” appearance.

It seemed as if they were waiting for someone, as they were all the time walking about the square and its surroundings, he could not establish what language they were speaking, the girl’s behaviour was normal, sometimes holding the man’s hand and sometimes not.

They related this information to the disappearance of the girl when they returned to Madrid and saw the girl’s photograph in the media.

They saw they would recognise the man.

They appear in the holiday photographs that they took and which were emailed to this Group and which were sent to Interpol whom they also telephoned with regard to this information.

Madrid 11th May 2007.

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