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943 to 947 Witness statement of Rachel M. J. Oldfield 2007.05.11 948 Consent for mouth swab of Rachel M. J. Oldfield 2007.05.11

She confirmed the truth of the statements made to the Police Department on 04/05/2007 and is ready to provide any additional clarifications.
—– She stayed in apartment “5B”, which is located immediately next to the apartment of the MCCANN family. That on 03/05/2007, Thursday, she rose between 06H30 and 07:00, along with her husband MATHEW and their daughter GRACE of 19 months. 
—– At 07H50, they went to the restaurant “MILLENNIUM”, on foot, arriving by 08.00 to have breakfast. She stated that they had been the first of the group to arrive, and, later, came David and Fiona, and two children, then RUSSEL with his children. JANE did not come because that morning she did not feel well. They took the usual route, alone, having left the apartment by the main door, which was locked, turned right, just after that a left, reaching the main road that led to the said restaurant. They took breakfast together at the same table, including the children. 
—– When the breakfast was over, by 09H00, the deponent took her daughter to “nursery” next to the “tapas”, while her husband MATHEW was with RUSSEL to take his daughter ELLA to “nursery” at the main reception. The witness says she returned to her apartment, did some cleaning and changed clothes as she had scheduled a tennis lesson for llH00. At 09H45 she left the apartment and went to the swimming pool area where she read a book and talked with KATE until llH10, the time at which she went to the tennis courts since the lesson was delayed slightly. At that time her husband MATHEW arrived also to play tennis until about 12.10 pm.
—– After class, they collected [took up] their daughter and went to the apartment of David Payne and FIONA, where thay had lunch all together. At 13h45, the three returned to their apartment, where they put down her daughter who slept for about two hours. The deponent went to play tennis with JANE until 15.00, while her husband MATHEW went to the balcony of RUSSEL to talk, or vice versa, she doesn’t know exactly, their apartment being located to the side of his and there is only one other apartment between the two. 
—– After the game of tennis, the witness returned home to rest, her husband and RUSSEL having gone to the beach of Luz to sail. At about 15:45, her daughter having woken up, she took her to the beach of Luz in the company of DIANE, Jane, Fiona and their respective children, where they found MATHEW, RUSSEL and DAVTD. At 17H30 the children dined in one of restaurants by the beach, [she] not having detected any abnormal or strange situation. 
—– By 18:30, the women and children returned from the beach in the direction of the “OCEAN CLUB” with a view to seeing their husbands play tennis, who had returned from the beach about five minutes before. Prior to going to the apartment she was with the children in the playground area, next to the “tapas”, until about 19.00. 
—– Then she went to the apartment where she gave her daughter a bath, MATHEW returning at 19.15. The washed and dressed and put their daughter to bed by 19:45. The deponent and her husband took a bath, dressed and went to the restaurant “TAPAS” around 20H40. They left by the main door, which they locked, arriving at the “TAPAS” about two minutes later. She emphasized that the back door was closed and properly locked. 
—– When she arrived at the restaurant there was KATE, Gerald and Jane who were talking to another couple who were not part of the group. RUSSEL had not yet arrived because he was singing the daughter to sleep, according to what she was told by JANE.
—– The deponent states that she sat more or less facing the back of the apartment and MATHEW, on the side of the table, you her left. She does not know if, from that position, he could the the back door of the apartment where Madeleine was, it being that, in her case, she could only see the top end/edge. 
—– Then RUSSEL arrived and after another 10 minutes, when it would be around 20H55, the PAYNE family – David, Fiona and DIANE – arrived. About a minute before the PAYNEs arrived, her husband MATHEW got up from the table and said he was going to go, taking the opportunity [of the Payne’s tardiness?] “to listen” to the children. She states that, according to those what they [the Paynes] told her, MATHEW passed them on his way out. After about 4 minutes, MATHEW returned to the table when they ordered the food, and said he had “listened” to his daughter and to the RUSSEL and MCCANN children, outside the front by putting his head [ear] against the shutters of the windows of their respective bedrooms and that everything was calm with the children. Both ate fish and salad, the deponent drank white wine and MATHEW [drank] red wine, she thought that, at the time, one glass each. 
—– By 21.05, GERALD went see his children, and about 10 minutes later JANE left before GM had returned. A few minutes after Jane left GERALD arrived and said he had been talking to “Jez” about tennis, [she] not recalling if he said anything about the children. During this time she affirmed that no one else left the table. Two or three minutes after the arrival of Gerald, Jane arrived, [she] again not recalling whether [Jane] made any comment about her children. 
—– At 21H20 they began to dine, and, at 21.30, her husband MATHEW said that he would go to see to his daughter, GRACE. The witness offered to go in his place, but he did not accept. RUSSEL also stood up saying that he would also go to see his children. When they were both standing, KATE said the same, namely, that she would also go to see her children. At that point, presumably, she cannot be sure, if her husband MATHEW or RUSSEL volunteered to go to see KATE’s children, and she them that they would have to enter by the back door, which was unlocked. RUSSEL and MATHEW left at the same time. About five minutes later, MATHEW returned saying that the children were all well, and that RUSSEL had stayed in the bedroom as one of his daughters was crying.
—– By 21H40/21H45, when they were at dinner, Jane said that he was going to replace RUSSEL so that he could eat, since she had already eaten. About five minutes later RUSSEL returned to the table saying that his daughter Evie was sick and had vomited, [he] starting to dine afterwards. 
—– About 21H55/22H00 KATE got up from the table and went alone to her apartment in order to see her children. Five to ten minutes later, she returned the table, crying, visibly shaken, saying that Madeleine had disappeared. Immediately, all of the group, except DIANE, stood up heading for the apartments, and the witness went to see if her daughter was well. Soon after, the men of the group started to do a search around the apartments in an attempt to find the child, at which time the KATE said that the window blinds of MADELEINE’s bedroom were open and, as such, she had been taken by someone.
—– The deponent states that she did not enter the bedroom of MADELEINE, thinking that MATHEW her husband also had not done. Then, they extended the search to more distant areas, and her husband headed to the main reception to see if he could find MADELEINE there, since her “nursery” was there, that also being the place he contacted the local police authorities. 
—– They continued the search with the help of more people, which resulted in nothing. Further that, about 10 minutes after KATE raised the alarm about the disappearance, the deponent was with JANE in the apartment of the latter. While talking, the JANE told her that when she came to see their children and passed Gerald talking to “Jez”, she saw a man with a child, supported in the arms, which would not be a baby and could have been more or less the age of MADELEINE. Also she said that when she saw the man, it seemed strange because he was walking very fast and had a child wearing pyjamas, without any other piece of clothing. That she questioned her [about it], JANE said to the deponent that at the time she had said nothing because she knew nothing of the disappearance of Madeleine and she had not seen the face of the child. Asked, says that, initially JANE focused more on the description of the man and, only a few days later, did she make reference to the clothes that the child would have worn, which would be pyjamas, not recalling if [when] she made a comprehensive description of clothing, especially at the color or design. 
—– Questioned, she said that on Thursday, 03/05/2007, there was no body sitting at the table, strange to the group, and she does not know anyone with the name “IRWIN.” 
—– She added that it was David Payne who organized this trip, and the apartment where she was already intended at the time she made the check in, there not having been any choice.
—– She does not have any suspicion in relation to the facts under investigation, stressing that in the holiday period preceding the day of the disappearance she did not find anything abnormal or strange. 
—– Concerning the monitoring of the children every half hour, it was inspired by the system that “MARK Warner” has and that it is known as “baby listening” and she had used this service in 2006 when they stayed at a holiday resort in Greece. 
—– Questioned, said that no part of the group rented, or was carried in a vehicle, so movement was always made on foot, they only travelled by bus on the day of arrival, on the route between the Faro airport and the “OCEAN CLUB.”
—– She got to know the family MCCANN at the marriage of David and Fiona, in Italy in 2003, at which time MADELEINE was already 4 months old. She does not know of any enemies. 
—– She has no knowledge, in addition to their group, of other friends of the family of MADELEINE, who may have been in Portugal during the period in which occurred the facts. 
—– That, in the the photographs she took during this holiday, there are recorded only the various members of the group. Questioned, she states that during the holiday period she went to lunch at the apartment of David and Fiona, and that MADELEINE entered the apartment of the deponent at some time. 
—– Questioned, she said that on the day they arrived, her husband MATHEW felt sick with diarrhea and vomiting, a situation that lasted until Sunday morning. Furthermore, on Wednesday, in the early morning, she also felt sick with the same symptoms.

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