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870 to 872 Diligence carried out with Catriona Baker regarding Madeleine’s outing to the beach 2007.05.10
873 Weekly recreation activities of the Lobster (Madeleine’s group) activities

Date: 2007.05.10
Place: Praia da Luz, Lagos
Officer responsible: Manuel Pinho, Inspector
Description and result of diligence

Today (10 May 07), accompanied by Joao Barreiras and Catriona Baker, the ‘nanny’ responsible for the missing minor, retraced the places and times at which they left the resort area to go to Praia da Luz. A photographic report [of this journey] is attached:
– We were told by Catriona that the only days they went to the beach were Tuesday afternoon (1 May 2007) between 15:30 and 16:30, on Wednesday (the next day) at the same time and on Thursday between 10 and 11 o’clock (see attached table [of creche activities]).

– The route taken was as follows:

1. The parents left the children at “Baby Club”, Mark Warner, situated next to the principal reception and which is open 24 hours;
2. then Catriona, with Madeleine and 4 or 5 more children, walked toward the beach. The distance is about 100 metres but not in a straight line;
3. she was always in front with the children behind linked together in a “summy snake” (the object being to form a snake so that the children stayed together in Indian file);
4. leaving the “Baby Club” they descended the stairs to the principal reception, through the front-entrance and crossed Rua Direita (the main street in Praia da Luz) heading for Beco das Palmeiras [passageway: called ‘alley of palm trees’];
5. then they made a right towards Beco do Nordeste [passageway: called ‘northeast alley’] after which they made a left and went down a stairway next to a property called “Casa Ortiga”, that has the number 17;
6. at the bottom of the steps is Travessa das Redes [another street];
7. crossing this they descended alongside the parking lot towards the esplanade that runs the length of the beach;
8. after reaching the beach they went along the boardwalk to an area where there was a red awning and several thatched sunshades; 

– On the first two days the children played and did activities in the sand. On the Thursday they went sailing next to the beach.
– On that day they sailed in a small yellow “catamaran”;
– Alice Standley accompanied the children on the route and on the boat. Three children sailed with her at one time;

– Chris Unswork transported the children in a red amphibious boat (life-saving boat) until the boat reached the open sea, and, a few minutes later, returned them to the beach to pick up three other children from the group;

– All said that the children did not meet anyone else during their time at the beach, nor during the trip to it.
– All said that they saw no-one suspicious watching the children nor in the vicinity.
– Catriona said she noticed nothing abnormal [unusual] along the route either when going to the beach or when returning to the resort area.

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