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821 to 822 Letter from Ministry of National Defence regarding other diligences inc

Ministry of National Defence
Maritime National Authority

Year 2007 Month May Day 9 No: 515/PM

From: Local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimao
Addressed to: Judiciary Police of Portimao, Coordinator of the Madeleine McCann Investigation
Subject: Disappearance of the girl ‘Madeleine’
Reference: NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

In the scope of the process in reference, it’s informed some of the investigations done by this police at the recreational Marinas of Portimao and Mexilhoeira da Carregacao – Lagoa, in what concerns the control of vessels and on board crews, as well as the movement of vessels, as stated bellow:

1. During the days 8/9 of May 2007, two Maritime Police [M.P.] agents inspected all the vessels harboured at the Marina of Portimao with crews residing on board, in a total of 31 vessels; from the contacts with the respective crews there werent obtained any informations about the girl Madeleine, of British nationality, disappeared from Praia da Luz in Lagos, nor indicated any elements which could lead to her location, however, the persons contacted demonstrated huge receptivity to cooperate, solidarity and were concerned about the fact.

2. On the day 8 of May 2007 an investigation was done at Marina da Boca do Rio, located at Mexilhoeira da Carregacao – Lagoa, no movements of the vessels in transit which could eventually arise suspicions regarding the disappearance of the British girl were detected.

3. On May 9, were watched recorded images from the surveillance video system of the Bacia Norte [commercial area] of the Marina of Portimao of the movements occurred there between the 21:00 hours of the day 3 May 2007 to the 12:00 hours of the day 4 May 2007, no strange movements of persons were detected that could be related to the said disappearance.

4. It was verified at the Marina of Portimao 6 check-outs of recreational vessels as follows; ‘San Elen’ of Norwegian nationality left on the 3rd of May 2007 with a declared destiny to Norway; the vessels ‘Panic II’ of Dutch nationality, ‘Tiarri IV’ of English nationality and ‘Iron’ of Swiss nationality, left the two first ones on the 3rd May 3007 and the second on the 4th May with a declared destiny to Lagos, movements which were already confirmed with the respective check-ins at the Marina of Lagos; the vessel ‘Moonraker’ left with a destiny declared to Vilamoura, however that movement is being an object of confirmation, the same happening with the vessel ‘Fun Too’ of Swedish nationality which left with a destiny declared to Albufeira.

Signature by the Commander

In pages 821 and 822 of the Public Ministry Process NUIPC 201/07.0 GALGS

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