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818 to 819 External diligence carried out with taxi drivers in PdL on 2007.05.09

NUIPC: 201/07/0 GALGS


Date: 2007/05/09

Location: Praia da Luz; Lagos

Responsible Officers: Pedro David, Armenio Pontes and Hugo Ferreira, all Inspectors

Description and result of the activity:

With the aim of collecting certain information of interest to the investigation, a team headed to the above mentioned locations in Praia da Luz, in Lagos, in order to speak with taxi drivers in their ‘areas’ of work.

In this way, and during the afternoon, we went to these areas located in Lagos and exhibited to those drivers present, and others that were called to the location, various photo-fits (12/2007 and 20/2007) which were elaborated in the sequence of this investigation.

In spite of this, it was not possible to collect any responses from them which could provide us with any evidentiary information.
Nevertheless, the same [group] was recommended to be alert for any abnormal behaviour within the parameters that were explained. 

We also collected the following information: (whether from the taxi drivers that worked independently or those associated with them) that they were not in possession of a list of services rendered. The service currently works via a ‘radio-taxi’ which directs the call to one of the drivers.

Regarding the question of who carried individual at X hours to Y location, we gathered that is tied to the contact made with the drivers in exercising their functions in that location and that while it is possible to determine who carried out the service, it is obvious, that any such recollection depends on the memory of the same driver. This being the same for the given destination, characteristics of the client, etc’

In spite of this, and because there are drivers whose work begins around 21H00, and carries on into the early morning, we went to these locations after 24H00 on the 12th. There we also exhibited the photo-fits mentioned above.

The reaction received was identical’ although we were told of some reports related to the consumption of alcohol, it was not possible to obtain any information about any suspicious individual.

We headed next to the Praia da Luz location, Ocean Club. There, when a taxi is required, a call is normally made by Mr. Luis, to the person contracted to provide services to that hotel.

However, after having spoken to the individual in question, and after showing him the aforementioned photo-fits, we obtained identical results; nothing was reported of any relevance. 

Signature of the officer

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