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768 to 770 Witness statement of Natalia da Gloria Soares Camacho 2007.05.09

Witness Statement

Natalia da Gloria Soares Camacho

Date: 2007-05-09

Occupation: Cleaner

Place of Work: OC

She comes to the process as a witness. She has worked at the OC as a cleaner for 8 years.

Her working hours are from 10.00 to 18.00, Sunday is her day off. She also has Tuesday mornings off. On the days she works full time, her lunch break is from 13.30 to 14.30.

When asked, she says that her specific functions are to clean the apartments that are previously allocated to her, she cleans on her own.

When asked, she says that she cleans the apartments near to the Millenium restaurant, 12 apartments that make up the “Club Face”, an area of the resort composed of five blocks, with eleven apartments each.

When asked, she says that her daily routine – and that of her colleagues – is the following: at 10.00 she goes to the laundry next to the Tapas Bar where one of her superiors (Marina, Bernadette or Francisca) gives her the keys of the apartments to be cleaned.

After the morning shift she goes to the laundry again during lunchtime, that is where she and her colleagues eat their lunch.

After lunch she returns to her area of work.

At about 18.00 she returns to the laundry and gives the keys back to the superior in charge.

She says that the keys are kept in special safes for this purpose and when she returns the keys to her superiors they always check that all the keys are there. 

During lunchtime, the keys are kept by the cleaners and are not deposited in the safes.

As far as she knows, the laundry only has one copy of each key, thinking that more keys corresponding to the apartments are kept in the reception.

She say that she has nothing relevant to add to the facts being investigated.

She says that she carried out her functions in an area far from the apartment where the McCann family was staying and for this reason never met the family or the girl. She does not remember having seen them in the surroundings areas or in the apartments she cleaned.

She did not see any strange individuals or movements in the days before the disappearance.

She says that there is a lot of movement in the resort and that it would not be easy to see if anything unusual was happening.

She says that on the day of the disappearance she went home after finishing work at 18.00.

She heard about the events on the morning of the 4th May when she arrived at work and was told by her superior.

She said that her superior, who already had photocopies of the girl’s photograph, asked the employees to check the apartments they were cleaning as well as the surrounding areas.

She checked but did not find anything relevant.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

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