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737 to 738 External diligence carried out in Ocean Club with tennis instructors 2007.05.08

Outside Activity Report 
Date: 2007/05/08 Locale: Lagos and Praia da Luz 
Executing official: Maria Jose Rainos e Pedro Varanda, Inspectors 
Activity description and result: 

—– According to what was reported in the preceding I.S. (Service Information docket), there were tennis coaches who gave tennis lessons at the Ocean Club resort, those being Luis Machado – contactable by mobile phone at 934***329 and Vasco Portas.

—– Contacted Sr. Luis Machado, the same made himself available to appear before the M.P. of Lagos in order to be questioned. 

—– Also Sr. Vasco Portas, identified as VASCO SALES PORTAS, was notified to appear before this DIC, it having resulted in his questioning, as per the following official document [witness statement]. 

—– A team went to the abovementioned M.P. of Lagos, where there proceeded the formal questioning of the witness Luis Machado, identified as LUIS FILIPE DE CASTRO CABRAL MACHADO.

—– From those questions we succeeded to determine that both Luis Machado, and Vasco Portas, had no contact with the McCann family or with any member of the group of which they were a part.

—– It is clear from Luis Machado that the resort, named The Ocean Club, receives customers of two different tourist operators: JONATHAN MARKSON e MARK WARNER. 

—– As for the tennis coaches, in reality the above witnesses, both Luis Machado and Vasco Portas, clarify that they work directly for JONATHAN MARKSON, while the McCann family, and their respective group, were customers of MARK WARNER. 

—– The witness Luis Machado relates that he knows the tennis instructors of MARK WARNER by the names of GEORGINA and DANIEL, commonly known as DAN, but he has no contact details for them, suggesting that the Ocean Club reception might be bale to provide that information.

—– Concluding the questioning, and in possession of the information collected, we went to the Ocean Club resort where we succeeded in contacting the abovementioned GEORGINA e DAN, since both were in the resort area. 

—– They were identified as GEORGINA LOUISE JACKSON and DANIEL JAMES STUK and were formally questioned, as per the official dockets that follow [succeed] this OAR [outside activity report].

—– Both had contacted the McCann fam?y within the ambit [scope] of their functions, namely, as their tennis instructors, affirming that the McCann couple was particularly enthusiastic about the sport, such that they had lessons each day and several times a day. 

—– Little Madeleine participated, as well, in a group children’s lesson. 

—– Both the tennis instructors affirmed that they had not observed any situation that was strange, different or relevant to record in these case file documents, it being that the whole holiday group [T9] retained a normal comportment [behaved normally] and in the same manner as any other group of friends on holiday. 

—– I post [submit] this, given the conclusion [end of] the present activity.

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