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712 to 713 Witness statement of Nelson Luis Da Silva Rodrigues

Statement by Nelson Luis Da Silva Rodriguez

Date: 08-05-2007, Lagos.

Place of work : Millenium restaurant

He is an employee of the Ocean Club and works in the bar of the Millenium Restaurant. He worked there in 2006 but only from March to November and subsequently returned to work there on 26th March (2007). He works fixed hours from 16.00 to 24.00. He has one day a week off which is Tuesday. He has heard about the disappearance of an English girl who was staying in the apartments near to the Tapas bar.

He only works in the Millenium Restaurant and as this English family arrived on a Saturday, a day when the Tapas Bar does not serve dinner, they dined at the Millenium. It was a large group composed of 17 persons, 8 adults and nine children or vice versa.

He has seen photographs of little Madeleine but he cannot identify her within the group of children she was with. The dinner went normally and he thinks that they arrived very early for dinner. He does not think that this group returned to the Millenium restaurant except for breakfast during the morning shift and that he knows from colleagues that the group appeared daily.

When asked whether he had ever observed any strange behaviour by anyone who was observing the children in the club with particular interest or whether he has any comment or question, he says no.

He heard about the child’s disappearance on Thursday night. Shortly after he heard the news, a Mark Warner tennis instructor arrived at the Millenium and they went to search for the child together by the swimming pool and tennis courts. As they did not find Madeleine he phoned Luis de Barros, the head waiter who was on his day off to inform him. The latter arrived shortly afterwards and together they searched until about 05.00 AM.

He is perfectly aware of his duty to inform the authorities in the case of noticing any element that could lead to finding Madeleine.

No more was said.

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