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667 to 669 Witness statement of Gustavo Cesar Cabral Campos 2007.05.08

Witness Statement

Gustavo Cesar Cabral Campos

Date: 2007-05-08

Occupation: Waiter

Place of Work: Millenium Restaurant, OC

He has worked at the Millenium Restaurant since 9th March 2007, near to the apartment where the events occurred.

He says that as he is a waiter he has direct contact with the clients at the restaurant. He works from 16.00 to 24.00 without interruption every day except for Fridays and Saturdays which are his days off.

The place where he works receives guests staying at the resort, mainly of British nationality.

However, he thinks it is possible that people who are not staying at the resort can frequent the restaurant.

When asked if these people can use the areas adjacent to the restaurant (gardens, pools, tennis courts) he does not know whether this is possible.

It is certain that from 18.30/19.00 onwards these leisure area are closed to the public (guests and others).

For security reasons, and given that the restaurant has a receptionist, the entrances of guests are registered and in order to access the spaces adjacent to the restaurant individuals have to show a member card with their name and the apartment where they are staying as well as the dates of arrival and departure from the resort.

Concerning the facts being investigated he says that he has nothing of interest to add.

When questioned, he says that when the events occurred he was working in the restaurant and heard about the disappearance at about 22.30 – 23.00 from a Mark Warner employee (he doesn’t know his name, but he is of English nationality) who, at that moment asked to use a telephone in the bar to make a call as he had received information about the disappearance of the girl on his mobile.

He does not know the concrete terms of the conversation but he is clear that something had happened.

The employee then left the bar/restaurant.

When his shift ended he joined in the searched with his colleague Nelson. He searched until 03.00 AM.

He says that he has nothing to add, he saw nothing strange during the day or on the previous days.

With regard to the McCann family he has nothing to add as he did not have close contact with them.

He say that without being absolutely sure he thinks he saw the couple with their three children inside the restaurant on Monday or Tuesday night, he supposes they were there to eat.

When questioned he says that he is not sure whether they were accompanied by other individuals.

He says that as was the case on other nights, that night was calm and he did not notice anything strange or anyone approaching the couple or their children or taking photographs.
Reads, ratifies, signs.

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