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452 to 453 External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07

External diligence carried out re: suspected sighting of an individual 2007.05.07

Officers: M.Pinho and C.Gomes, Inspectors.

— Reporting that Mr. B.A.P da Silva of Varadas de Sao Joao … Lagos had pertinent information to give he was invited, informally, to explain what he had to say. He clarified that on the night of the events under investigation, between 20h15 and 20h30, in the area of the video club in Lago do Chafariz, he passed a man, white, tall, with a beard, about 30 years old, well-built and with an aspect [air; manner] that made the witness presume he could have been involved with the events, as he had never [before] seen that person in the town of Luz.
— He offered no further details, namely the whereabouts of the referred individual.
— After carrying out various work, I located the man who lives in Rua Direita, Praia da Luz (in front of the Post Office).
— Invited to identify himself, the man identified himself with his passport as being Henry A., born 1967 in Germany. He produced another document and a five year rental contract for his residence.
— Informally, he stated that when the events were occurring he was at home, alone. He had not gone out that night. He had found out about the events the next day.
— He had no information to give with respect to the events.
— He came to live in Portugal 3 years ago. He works in Serra Verde, in civil construction, as a painter.
— Later he invited the undersigned to visit his house. Walking through his house revealed nothing of interest for the case.
— Finally, a computer search was made for information on the man, without result.

2. Following an anonymous phone call giving an account that in the house of a Dutch couple, in Monte Judeu, there was a young girl, work was performed in the area, the house was found and the couple approached who voluntarily identified themselves as Jeren and Joan I., contactable on phones 917… and 282….
— Informally, they stated that on the night in question they were at home with their daughters, 14 and 16 years old, who go to local schools. They have lived in Portugak for several years.
— They do not know where the girl is nor with whom.
— To dissipate any doubts that may exist they invited the undersigned to visit their home. Walking through the house nothing of interest was seen.

The above work revealed no indications as to the whereabouts of the child nor of possible suspects.

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