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448 to 451 External diligence carried out on Julio Manuel Madeira Campos de Carvalho 2007.05.07

Five External diligences carried out on 2007.05.07

Officers: M.Pinho, C,Gomes and J.Carvalho, Inspectors

To confirm or otherwise information given to this Police force regarding the whereabouts of the girl Madeleine Beth McCann or the suspects, the following work was carried out as ordered: 

1) Julio Manuel Madeira Campos de Carvalho
— In Rua 25 de April, …, Praia da Luz, Mr. J.M.M.C de Carvalho was approached, it having been said that he could have approached the employees of the care centre in the Ocean Club, that that approach could have been done in the street and when he passed them in a white Renault Express.
— Informally, he explained not recalling having meddled [interfered] with the care workers, but admitted that he could have made “a pass at [chatted up] English girls”.
— On the night of the events he was at home with his brother and nephew. At 22h00, through his girlfriend, he learned of the disappearance of the young girl and joined the general people in the searches.
— He had nothing else of interest to the investigation. 

2) Visibility of 5A
— Verifying the field of view [line of sight] of the Ocean Club from the Luz Tur building next to the Baptista supermarket, I found the visibility of the girl’s apartment to be much reduced [obscured] because of the large and medium-sized palm trees in the resort’s swimming pool area.
— Walking all the building floors I verified that the visibility of the ground-floor is zero [null], by which I came to know who lived on the fifth through the ninth floors [of Luz Tur], information that, informally, I collected through the building assistant [supervisor] Mrs. M.M do N.A.Silva, of 501-X, and, I determined that the apartments and people with clear view were only: 
a) Apartment 808-AP, a couple of about 60 years. Irish Republic nationals, who live there. They frequently spend time in Portugal, some time only the lady. The apartment has been occupied for about six weeks by the lady on her own.
b) Apartment 606-AF, Portuguese couple of about 27 years old, both teachers. He teaches at Bispo School and she lectures in the north of the country. They have lived in the building for 4 years.
c) Apartment 504-AR, Portuguese couple with two children; a boy of 3 and a girl of 9 years. The lady, about 35 years old, works as a cleaner at Hotel Bela Vista in Praia da luz. The man has been working in Spain for 2 years and comes home occasionally [once in a while]. They have lived in the building for 9 years.
d) Of the remaining apartments they are not occupied and were not occupied on the night of the events, according to the Luz residents who were stopped [questioned].
— It is therefore concluded that from that building, if by some chance the movements of the parents and child were observed and noted [“cased”], it was not done from that building.

3) Richard Andrew Gorril
— A phone message told that in house no. 4 on Rua da Lajes lives an Englishman, with a short beard, 50 or more years old, single and with limited social contact. The person was approached and invited to identify himself. He was identified, through his passport …, as being R.A.Gorril, born in 1945 in Peterborough, England.
— He invited us into his home and walked us through it, advancing that in England, in similar cases, the people, voluntarily, placed themselves totally as the disposal of the authorities. He explained that he enjoyed to live alone. He reads, watches television and communicates with friends by mail [e-mail]. He has been at home during recent days except for Saturday, 5 May, when he went to the Lagos market where he bought fish, fruit and vegetables.
— As for the events he knows nothing of interest to the investigation. 

4) Svitlana Babyena
— Information received told that the lady owner of the cafe “Ala do Castelo” situated next to the Lagos Hospital saw a person, on Saturday morning, 5 May, pulling a young girl who looked like Madeleine Beth McCann.
— The lady was approached and identified herself as being S.Babayena, a foreign resident since 2006, then, informally, she explained that on the Saturday or Sunday past, at 09h00, next to the “Lago da Igreja” [church square] adjacent to the Lagos Hospital, she saw a man of about 35 years old, about 180cm tall, short blonde hair, thin, who pulled by the hand a young girls who looked like the missing girl. The girl appeared calm and did not seem to be ‘contrary’ [put out; perturbed]. She does not recall what the child was wearing. She did not see where they went and had never seen [before] those people who seemed to her to have been foreigners.
— Shown the “e-fits” from the file she stated that the man was very different. 

5) Derek Flack shown photos/images
— The witness Derek F., who had told us he saw a person next to the place of the events – apparently watching, was approached.
— He was shown the pictures from the file. He identified no-one, lamenting the quality of the images. 
— It is the conviction of the undersigned that the witness craved [had a strong desire] to identify someone in those facial images.

The work done provided no valid result with respect to the whereabouts of the girl.
Regarding possible suspects also none were indicated.

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