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437 to 438 Witness statement of Virginia Vieira Monteiro 2007.05.07

Virginia Vieira Monteiro

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 20H15
Kitchen Worker (Millennium Restaurant) 
Cabo Verde

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. Has lived in Portugal for about 20 years; 
. Always lived in Lisbon, but about 5 years ago, together with her husband, established themselves in Praia da Luz, Lagos; 
. States that she is an employee, for about one month, of the restaurant known as Millennium, a site also in Praia da Luz, Lagos, more specifically, in the proximity of the block of apartments, known as the Ocean Club, where the facts of the investigation are occurring; 
. Mentions that she exercises her functions as and kitchen worker, or auxiliary in the kitchen in the execution of refreshments, dish-washing, and for this reason maintains no direct contact with the clients of the same; 
. But mentions that she exercises her functions between the period of 16H00 and 24H00, every day of the week with the exception of Thursdays and Fridays, days on which she is ‘off’. Her days ‘off’ are fixed; 
. States that she is unaware of those who frequently visit the restaurant where she works; 
. Does not know, equally, the rules of the commercial establishment, namely, in terms of admission of individuals and the use of interior and exterior space; 
. The installations and services of that commercial enterprise can be accessed from 08H00 to 24H00; 
. On Thursday, the date the facts occurred, she was ‘off’ work, and was not located near the tourist establishment; 
. Specifies that she passed the day in question in her residence and also on Friday and further adds that she did not leave her home as she was ill, with ‘flu, and laid down the entire time; 
. In that which concerns what happened, states that she became aware of the facts via social communication organs; 
. States that she can add nothing further of interest, and she did not find herself fin the area when the facts occurred; 
. Does not know the specifics of who frequented that commercial establishment, as already stated, she works in the kitchen, and in these services has no direct visual contact with the areas where clients may be; 
. Furthers that she has no other information related to the situation; 
. And nothing more said, having read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it; 
. The document is duly signed by me ? 

Raquel Neves, Inspector with this Policia Judiciara.

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