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415 to 416 Witness statement of Jose Maria Batista Roque 2007.05.07

Witness Statement

Jose Maria Batista Roque
Date/Time: 2007/05/07 18H45
G.N.R. Military Personnel

Concerning the issue of the process said;
. In the sequence of facts, he was with the patrol of the GNR that went to the Ocean Club Gardens establishment (situated in Para da Luz) on night of May 03, 2007, with the goal of investigating the circumstances that surrounded the disappearance of a minor, of British nationality, that was installed there temporarily, together with the rest of her more direct family – knowing these to be, the respective parents, and two siblings, twins, minors, whose name do not need to be clarified; 
. Clarifies that the occurrence in question was transmitted to the above referenced patrol via radio, at time when they were located in Odiaxere; 
. The patrol of which he took part, and now as a witness, went immediately to the principal reception of the aforementioned establishment, where there was encountered the father of the missing child; 
. Following, this patrol went to the residence where the family of said minor was staying in the ‘Ocean Garden’ together with the father; 
. At reaching the location, the two elements that made up the patrol , the current witness and his colleague, Nelson Costas, proceeded into the interior of the apartment, with the goal of investigating the contours which eventually surrounded the disappearance of that minor; 
. In this sentiment, the deponent states that they searched al the dependencies of the residence and all the pieces of furniture, in order to confirm the disappearance — effectively confirming that that she was not in the interior; 
. The questioned made, the deponent states that the access to interior of the residence was accessed through a principal door- this is, a wood door which is placed facing north; 
. Inside, the deponent encountered the mother and two siblings of the missing minor; 
. The deponent stats that he is unable to specify if that entrance door was found open or closed when he reached the apartment during which he was taking in the facts with the witness is now clarifying; 
. In the sequence of confirming the facts of the effective disappearance of that minor, he states that this has been communicated prior, for the reason of helping the Policia Judiciara; 
. Urged to reveal other details that may be considered relevant to the investigation, the deponent reveals that he has no other knowledge of any elements that may help contribute to that end; 
. And nothing more said, having read the statement, finds it in conformity and signs it; 
. The document is duly signed by me 

Pedro Varanda, an Inspector with this Policia Judiciaria.

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