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360 to 362 Witness statement of Custodia Maria dos Reis Espada 2007.05.07

Witness Statement

Custodia Maria dos Reis Espada

Date: 2007-05-07

Occupation: Cleaner

Place of Work: OC

Comes to the process as a witness. She has worked at the OC as a cleaner since the beginning of 2005. She works from 10.00 to 18.00 every day except for Sundays, her day off. On Tuesdays she works until 13.30. She has lunch between 13.30 and 14.30 or from 14.00 to 15.00 depending on her volume of work.

When questioned, she says that she does the general cleaning of the apartments that are allocated to her and that she works alone.

She says that for the past two years she has been in charge of cleaning the apartments near to the main reception of the resort, specifically the European, Coconut and Baccanear blocks.

When questioned, she says that her daily routine and that of her colleagues is the following: at 10.00 she goes to the laundry next to the Tapas Bar, where one of her superiors (Mariana, Bernadette or Francisca) gives her the keys corresponding to the apartments she has to clean.

After the morning shift she returns to the laundry where she and her colleagues have lunch.

After lunch she returns to the area she was working in.

At about 18.00 when she finishes work she returns to the laundry where she hands back the keys to her superior. She says that the keys are kept in special safes and that the superiors check they are complete.

The cleaners retain the keys during lunchtime.
As far as she knows there may be another copy of the keys at the reception.

The area where she works is far from the place of the events and she does not recall having seen the McCann family. She does not recall having seen them in the apartments where she works.

She did not see anything suspicious in the days before the disappearance.

At the time of the disappearance she was at home with her partner and children.

She heard of the events upon arriving at work on 4th May.

Her superior already had photocopies of the girl’s photograph and told them to search the areas where they worked. They were always accompanied by a GNR when they searched.

Reads, ratifies, signs.

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