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Vol 2 Pages 357 to 359 Witness statement of Joao Manuel Marreiros Viana 2007.05.07

Joao Manuel Marreiros Viana

Date/Time: 2007/05/07 12H20
Computer Operator


Concerning the issue of the process said:
. That four about 20 years has worked in the tourist resort known as the Ocean Club, situated at 44 Rua Direita, Praia da Luz, (Luz, Lagos), having exercised his function of computer operator, and his normal office location is in the reception of said establishment (at the address indicated earlier); 
. relative to the investigative facts the witness clarifies that on May 04, 2007 (Friday), at around 09H20, he was already at his work location, and was informed by his colleagues that during the previous night (03 May 2007), at approximately 21H30, a child of the feminine sex, three years of age, of British nationality, who has lodged with her parents and siblings in an apartment ?water side garden?, block 5, apartment A in the Ocean Club report, had gone missing from the interior of the same; 
. Questions, the deponent states that he did not know the missing child not the rest of the family of the same, and only saw Madeleine (her name he got from his colleagues) and her parents and siblings, after the disappearance, in media outlets, who divulged the situation; 
. Questioned, the deponent clarifies that on the day of the disappearance of Madeleine, he completed a normal day, that around 09H20 arrived to his office, having interrupted for lunch between 13H00 and 14H30, and returned there where he stayed until 18H30. Following, he left for home, where he stayed until the next day; 
. Questioning the deponent, he clarifies that his home, situated on the Municipal Road (direction of Espiche-Luz), House 100 Name, in Calicos da Luz (Lagos), distance from the office around 1500m; 
. That after having got home, there he stayed until the next day, with a friend, conforming to what was explained earlier; 
. Relative to the facts of the investigation in the present inquiry, the deponent only knows that which he heard from media outlets, and also in conversations with his work colleagues; 
. As with the above, he has no useful element regarding the facts of the investigations, nothing more to add with the exception of what has already being written, referring that, conforming to what he was previously told, said child accompanied her parents on holidays in the resort where he works, together with her two siblings of two years of age; 
. That he has no knowledge of any type of situation that is considered suspect that could he directly, or indirectly, related with the facts of the investigation in the present case;
. And nothing further was said. Having read the statement, he finds it in conformity and signs it;
. The document is duly signed by me, C. Domingos, an Inspector with this Policia Judiciaria.

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