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2002 to 2005 – Letter re: investigation summary to Dr. Amaral 2007.07.31

Therefore, in order to exhaust all evidence, we request that you suggest to the Public Prosecutor’s Office the issuance of search warrants for the addresses and vehicles mentioned below, since only with such legal instruments will it be possible to continue with the investigation.

  1. CASA LIUANA, LUZ, LAGOS, residence of ROBERT MURAT and his mother, JENNIFER ANNE MURAT, as both are adjoining.
    Also search warrants for vehicles:
  2. VW Transporter – 44-77-KD (Murat)
  3. Peugeot 205 – RI-96-03 (Murat)
  4. Hyundai Getz – 60-AX-86 (rented car by Murat)
  5. VW Passat – 57-12-HP (Luís António)
  6. Renaul Kangoo – 07-50-UI (Luís Antónlo)
  7. Nissan Patrol – VH-24-22 {Luís António)
  8. Audi A4 – 10-91-FP (Sergey Malinka)
  9. Skoda Fabia – 96-26-VE (Michaela Walczuch)
  10. Fiat Punto – 45-49-ER (Ralph Eveleigh – Tio do Murat)
    It is also important to highlight the interest in gathering information during and after the searches, which can be achieved through further telephone interceptions of the suspect ROBERT MURAT. In this way the interception and recording of telephone communications to the visa numbers is requested, with the indication of the location of the mobile phone and the recording of the trace, for a period of 15 (fifteen). in relation to the targets.
    The cease and desist reports of the intercepted targets are also attached, and it is not necessary to extend them for the moment, except in the case of three targets, as will be alluded to later, concluding the present interceptions, which ended on the 20th of this month.
Further to the above report and in view of recent technological developments, especially with regard to touching traces of blood and bodies in initial or intermediate decomposition, we were informed of the existence of a Brltanlco technician who, with the help of canines specialised in the detection of traces of blood and bodies in initial or intermediate decomposition, was in charge of the police. of canines specialised in the detection of post-mortem worshippers, we were informed of the possibility of locating a buried body or places of passage. In addition to the cynical apollo, specific technical melos, namely thermal detectors, are used.
In addition to soil detection, it is also possible to collect/detect traces of a haematological nature and ldentlficable cadaveric odours, both in dwellings and in vehicles, even after thorough washing or use by different persons.
Without being dogmatic, in our opinion and from what has been demonstrated, this intelligence seems to us to be feasible, and may or may not be useful, which can only be attested to by its execution.
In our opinion, this prospection should be carried out in the area adjacent to the place of the facts, previously determined by the technician, as well as in the home of the suspect ROBERT MURAT and the vehicles he uses or has used, as well as in other vehicles used by family and friends.
    Dear Mr. Criminal Investigation Coordinator
In order to comply with article 188 of the Criminal Procedure Act, I hereby inform you that the hearing of the intercepted sessions in Objectives number
    These hearings refer to the period between 12/07/2007 and 20/07/2007, no session of interest to the investigation having been verified.
Attached are 03 (three) CDs with the recorded sessions.

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