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1851 to 1860 Reponses to and analysis of email profile ( English) Anonymous calls regarding Madeleine’s disappearance

Page 1852

Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 12:12:57 +O200
From: “M McCann” <amsterdamvu@gmail.com>
To: “Gerry McCann” <gerry.kate@hotmail.co.uk>
Subject: Re: madeleine
In-Reply-To: <BAY118-W1638B935617123E2582FEEDClFO@phx.gbl>
Retum-Path: amsterdamvu@gmail.com

The only information i can/will give you is that i know who the kidnappers are.
I can lead you to them.But this must be confidential.
It is better that you believe me.At this moment i don’t know what the condition is of your daughter.
But i know that those people will not harm her.

till soon

12007/6/14, Gerry McCann <gerry.kate@hotmail.co.uk>:

We are very interested in your information but as you understand we
receive a lot of hoax information.

We need to know that the information is genuine. Can you give rne proof
that you know where madeleine is and that she is well?

Gerry McCann

Page 1853…Repetition of page 1852

Page 1854

X-Originating-IP: ( )
From: Gerry McCann <gerry.kate@hotmail.co.uk>
To: “amsterdamvu@gmail.com ~amsterdamvu@gmail.com~
Subject: madeleine
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2007 16:44:20 +0000
Irnportance: Normal

Sorry about the delay. You know that we want Madeleine back. You say you can help-how can you do this? Can you give me something to reassure me?
How do you know who these people are and that Madeleine will not be harmed?

Gerry McCann

Page 1855…Almost a repetition of Page 1854.

Page 1856

Re : madeleine
From : M McCann (amsterdamvu@gmail,com)
To : Gerry McCann (gerry.kate@hotmail.co.uk )

Hello gerri or……
I don’t know if you are gerri or a policeofficer or a spokesman of the family.
But i can tell you that i really know these people because i grew up with them.
I am close with them but after the date of kidnapping we met once and they said that we can’t have contact cause of the case.I know the hideout, name,address,everything of the kidnappers.
I will be honest to you and the whole team of investigators.
I want a reward and that will be in total 2.000.000 Euro ( 2 mill.Euro).
From this reward I want an advance of 500.000 Euro ( 500K ).
This advance you must bring to me in Holland by yourself and you have to give it to someone i will tell yo later. After receiving this amount the same day i will send you all details of the hideout of the kidnappers. They keep her there.
The rest of the amount i want the day that you get your child/kidnappers.
The longer you wait with this they will change maybe from location and then i can’t help you anymore. You must know that i am a crook too but i only do this for the money.

If you agree then send me your mobilenr.

Page 1857….email analysis data.

Page 1858….Almost repetition of Page 1856 but with “till soon ( depends on you )” added at end.

Page 1859…..Almost a blank Page, only a short broken line on it.

Page 1860….Very shortened repetition of Page 1856 and also the return email of Page 1854 included.

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