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1843 to 1844 Witness statement of Svetlana Malinika 2007.06.20

Svetlana Malinika  – MOTHER OF Sergey Malinka

Process, Volume VII, pages 1843-44 (2 pages)


Date: 2007/06/20 Time: 22h00 Location: DIC Portim’
Officer: Carlos Dordonnat – Inspector

Name: Svetlana Malinika

There is no relationship as envisaged in Art.134, paragraph 1 of the CPP.
Moves to give evidence.

In the matter of the file she said:

— She comes to these in the capacity of a witness. 
— Because the witness does not know the Portuguese language she is going to be assisted in this act by the Russian-speaking interpreter Mrs. Galina Lxxxx in this DIC.
— The witness has been in Portugal since August 1999, having always resided in Praia da Luz – Lagos.
— For approximately 5 or 6 years the witness works in the firm Blue Ocean, which undertakes cleaning work in the area of Praia da Luz and specifically in the area of the Ocean Club where the company performs cleaning work in some of the apartments near the apartment where the English minor Madeleine McCann disappeared, namely in an apartment that is in the same block but which is on the top floor, it being that the witness does not know precisely which apartment.
— She adds that the witness is not always the one who goes there as there are other employees in the firm and the work allocation is done on a rotation basis.
— The witness adds that the vast majority of people working in the area know that the apartments in the block occupied by the McCann couple are normally occupied given the proximity of the pool, and the occupants are usually foreigners. 
— The witness declares further that she knew of the disappearance of the minor from having heard conversations of her colleagues commenting on the case, it being that only two days after the events she came to understand [learn] the location where the events had occurred.
— She has nothing to add regarding the disappearance of the minor Madeleine McCann, except to say that she has lived in the area of Praia da Luz for about eight years and at no time has she ever been aware of abnormal situations given that she characterises the area as being very quiet.

Nothing further was said. Read, ratifies and will sign with the translator who assisted in this.

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