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1528 to 1529 Witness testimony of Joao Goncalves Viegas Jacinto

Witness testimony of Joao Goncalves  Viegas Jacinto] 
Date: 21 May 2007; Time: 18h00; Place: DIC Portimao 
On the matter in hand he said: 
The deponent was the business partner of John Henry Queriol Murat, from memory 
in the period between 1972 and 1977 or 1976, in the partnership Jacinto & Murat, 
it being that they knew each other form 1967, the time when John Murat, still 
single acquired a house in Burgau which John later sold. 
– Equally he recalls John having another business partnership with himself and 
another Englishman, called Burgau Investimentos Turisticos Lda., in which John 
also sold his share a short time after the business was formed. 
– When after 25 April 1974 John Murat went to England around 1975, he stayed 
only in his rented house in Lagos, in Pedra Alcada, they still being partners. 
– Later around 1977, no longer being in partnership, John returned to Portugal, 
sold the house in Lagos and invested in a small estate with old houses in 
Almadena, Eira Velha, which he improved. 
– John, in the meantime died, from memory that was 1985, living still at that 
time in Eira Velha in Almadena. 
– He states that John, when he knew him, was a man of few financial resources, 
and his wife J.A.Murat, equally not being a person of large resources, his 
memory is that she was working in the Lagos Hospital as a nurse. 
– The Murats had three children, Richard, Samantha and Robert whom he knew when 
they were growing up until around 1977, 1978, the time at which they parted 
company and John having gone to live in Almadena, contacts between them were 
virtually nil. 
– Relating to Robert,the deponent only knew him up to his eighth year and he 
was sure that his lack of memories of Robert and his personality was due to John 
Murat’s strict rule of not allowing children into meetings that he had. 
– After this time at which Robert was about eight years old, only once more did 
he see him, about three or four months before (in 2007) when Robert called out 
“Jacinto” in the street, in Portuguese, and told him, in greeting, he was Robert 
Murat, affirming that he was still in Portugal working in real estate. 
– No other contact. 
– Regarding the Quinta da Falfeira, this property was his and his ex-wife’s, 
currently his grand-daughter’s, used by her son. 
– Equally next to this property the deponent owns a house called “Casa de Avis”. 
– He clarifies that Robert Murat never had access to those properties and even 
less to the key of any part of them, being very certain that he (RM) never 
frequented Quinta da Falfeira. 

Nothing more said. Read, ratifies and will sign.

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