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1358 to 1360 Witness statement of Michaela Walzuch 2007.05.16


Date: 2007/05/16 Time: 17:00 Place: DIC Portimao
Officer: Rui Dias, Chief Inspector

Name: Michaela Walczuch (already identified in the file on page 1180)

To the matter of the file she said:

— That she maintains practically everything in the declarations previously given (pages 1180), which she has read as part of this action (interview). 
— She intends, therefore, to rectify or to better clarify parts thereof, helping herself in that action from a diary where she wrote/noted some things that she intends to keep daily, she verified that those [things] in her deposition are incomplete or do not correspond with the truth.
— Relating to 1 May, Tuesday, she has nothing to add or to rectify. She maintains that she does not recall if she was with him at night. She puts forward, however, that always when they were not together at night, they spoke or exchanged messages by phone. Also she does not recall what happened on that night.
— The 2nd of May, Wednesday, she confirms what was declared previously except it having been on this day that she was with Robert to meet with Sergey at the Batista supermarket in Luz, where they also took breakfast. Only later is it that they went (both) to Lagos, going to the Advocate’s office, the shop “Putos e Graudos” and meet with Sr. Jorge Silva and son Jason in the Taquelim pastelaria (coffee shop)in the city centre. At 14h00 they went to see an apartment that the witness intended to buy in a building situated in Aqua Azul, next to the mortgage records office of Lagos (ph. 912****11 – Sr.Vitor). Nothing happened, nor is settled, defined. Later they went for lunch at the Bem Bom. The rest of the day passed as already related. She does not recall if she spoke or exchanged messages with Robert by phone but if not it is because she was with him or that when they parted they had already agreed the meeting for the next day when they went to the enterprise/farm estate Montinho De Ouro.
— About Thursday, the 3rd, she maintains her declarations, except that the meeting with Sergey was on the day before. They both went to Autojoteca and to lunch afterwards at GALP M24 on the A22. Also relating to Robert she maintains that she does not recall when and where they parted but it was certainly before 20h00 and for the reasons already explained in the previous declarations. However, she did not return to be with him nor after having attended the bible class that finished at 22h30. Also she does not recall having spoken on the phone or exchanged messages with Robert until the following day. But she admits that it could have been done without thinking, not recalling the reasons for that.
— Asked, she states that of his attire she recalls nothing of how he had been dressed on that day, being sure that, the question being asked, she recall that one one of that week he dressed – because it was always in the car – in a thick Kispo-Anorak “sweetie, because of the wind or the cold” (sic), colour greenish-grey. Trousers, as far as she recalls, were dark coloured, without being jeans. Shoes, only classics.
— Day 4, Friday, they spoke that morning, at 09h00 (the daughter had already left for school with her father) bu phone, being almost certain that it was not by message and also almost certain that it was by fixed phone and that it was Robert who called her. He then made her aware of what he had learned from the news on an English channel that the previous night a child had disappeared in Luz and that he would go there to help with the searches. The witness states that she then questioned Robert and he only explained that an English girl of 3 years had disappeared from the bedroom where she would sleep.
Asked, she clarifies that only later, still on that day or the next day, nor recalling exactly when nor the circumstances (if by phone, if personally, if she was/they were alone) Robert told her that on the previous night he was at home when he heard, it could have been 21h45 (more or less that time), he heard a siren and commented to his mother that “it’s like Sidmouth, at granny’s house, where security is very good and it is common for them to hear Police sirens blaring.” Robert never associated it with an ambulance, at least not to her.
— He said then that he would go to help to look for the child – without saying if she was still missing – because he was also a father and would like to be useful to the others (sic).
— Asked she said not to know the circumstances in which Robert became an interpreter, but that this he told her that he went to meet with the parents of the missing child to try to help in any way possible, the witness deducing that it was in translation as he was fluent in both languages, Portuguese and English.
— She does not recall if she was with him personally on Friday, the 4th. Nevertheless, if not she had certainly spoken again by phone at the end of the day but she does not recall when, how many times nor who initiated [the call]. She knew however from him that he started to help the Police with translating, making questions in trying to know the circumstances in which the child had disappeared.
— She clarifies that along with Marina Castela she also knows in the Ocean Club the husband Teofilo Castela, a fact she commented on with Robert – because they both also frequent the Jehovah’s Witness congregation – it being that this he told her later that he met with that lady “in the midst of Police and he/she recognising her/him, began to converse” (sic) referencing [referring to] the witness.
— Asked, she states that on the 13 May last she was with Robert washing the VW Transporter at GALP-Lagos because it was dirty.
— Asked, she states that Robert was absent in England from mid-November to 2 January, and from 25 January to 1 May, with a break from 11 to 21-25 March in which he also came to Portugal with his 13 year old nephew.

And nothing more said. – Signed by witness and interviewer.

Y no se dice nada más. – Firmado por el testigo y el entrevistador.

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