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1214 to 1216 Witness testimony of Joao Crisostomo Vieira Olim Junior 2007.05.14

1217 Consent to search above witness car a Volkswagen Passat
1218 Search warrant to search Volkswagen Passat

Witness testimony of Joao Crisostomo Vieira Olim Junior 2007.05.14

To the case at hand, he said:
— He comes as a witness based on the fact that he works part-time and out-of-hours for the previously identified L.F.D.Antonio.
— Following this, and due to his professional relationship with the above person, the deponent states that he habitually drives the VW Passat licence 5.-..-.P, owned by L.A., in virtue of having to assiduously go to areas bordering Lagos in order to perform his part-time work for that individual [L.A.].
— Asked, he states that that activity translates into the expansion of private swimming pool cleaning and disinfection business [operations] in the area of Praia da Luz.
— Asked, he states that L.A. had established the business several years ago, adding that he had worked for him for about 2 years.
— The question asked, he clarified having met L.A. and his wife about five years before on the occasion of a meeting of a religious cult which they both profess – namely the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
— Concerning the wife of L.A., the deponent knows only that she is German-born and a Portuguese national, named M.W., and that she works in real estate.
— Asked to clarify the circumstances under which he was using the vehicle in question, he revealed that, despite it appearing to be owned by L.A. (because it is usually parked near to his home in Rua Adelina …) it is strictly speaking a service vehicle [for the business] and he uses it in accordance with the planned time table of daily visits.
— Relating to the events under investigation in this case re: the disappearance of British minor, Madeleine McCann, on 3 May 2007 from Ocean Club Garden – Praia da Luz – Lagos, the deponent stated he knows absolutely nothing about any incidents that might have possibly surrounded the occurrence.
— He explains that on that date he was in Almadena in the morning doing his part-time work described above.
— Having spent the morning cleaning and disinfecting several private pools in that area he stopped work at 12h00.
— Then he will have gone to L.A.’s house to park the car there, then he will have walked home on foot to Rua da Estrema … in Lagos, where he will have rested, as usual, given that he had a night shift from 24h00 to 08h00 as nightwatch at the Valverde campsite.
— Later, at 18h30, he would have prepared himself for a Jehovah’s Witness meeting which he attended between 20h30 and 22h30.
— He states that at a time he does recall exactly, but between 18h30 and 20h00, he will have eaten his dinner at home.
— The above [prayer] meeting being over, he will have returned home where he changed into his uniform and left for the Valverde campsite where he would have been the entire early morning of 4 May fulfilling his job as nightwatch.
— Therefore, he reiterates knowing nothing about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, wishing to add that he found out about its proportions and the related incidents only the following day from what was said and written in the Press.
Nothing more said. Read, ratifies and will sign.

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